A song isn’t who wrote it or who sings it. A song, simply put, is what it does for you and how it might change you.

It won’t be popular to say this, but the death of Glenn Frey a couple of years back impacted me more than any other celebrity death. The reason why is simple. In his passing, and with the deep sadness I felt that day, I had to admit I am both a Glenn Frey and an Eagles fan.

In a strange way, that’s almost like it admitting I’m Jewish.

And when I think about all the deep, all the complicated, and all the intricate and well orchestrated music that I’ve been exposed to in my life from the masters — Wagner, Chopin, Souza, Guthrie, Zappa, Newman and so many more, I feel a hint of shame to suggest that Glenn Frey co-wrote one of the most formative songs I’ve ever heard.

A simple pop song.

By formative, I mean a song that changed the way I think, act and look at others, ongoing.

Glenn Frey and his band The Eagles are easy to criticize and easier to dismiss. People who claim to have more sophisticated taste in music keep The Eagles near the top of their list of bands to mock and belittle.

That song that Frey co-wrote and that has influenced me so much is not important. What is important, and why I write this, is that if a song moves you — moves you to the point of opening your eyes and softening your heart, and if it stays with you for decades and truly changes you, it shouldn’t matter who wrote it. It shouldn’t matter how poppy it is.


What should matter most is that the gift of art did exactly what it is supposed to do — impact another soul and in a positive way.

So on this first day of 2019, I sit watching the sunrise through my shaded windows, with my mammal on my lap, my family asleep in the next room, and I admit proudly that I am an Eagles fan and that I consider Glenn Frey one of those masters…. Jhciacb

Whether you ride a bike or not, thank you for taking the time to ride along with me this week. If you haven’t already, please scroll up and subscribe. Oh, and there is this from Glenn Frey. Enjoy…!

2018 By The Numbers…

Bikes ridden: 7
7,544 miles
497,000 calories
395,000’ climbing
15.4 mph avg
Most Reoccurring Earworm: Here Comes The Sun

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and a safe New Year…

3 thoughts on “Soar With Eagles…

  1. And In my lifetime I’ve learned that I can still soar with the elite eagles,even if I hang out with turkeys. Keep on writing,keep on riding I enjoy learning more of your work in progress. I do love me some Glenn Frey.
    May the year of the Pig bring you many blessing and joy !


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