I like my rides like I like my coffee — cold, dark, and rich. Cold was the air. Dark was the sky. And rich were my thoughts.

Was very fixated on the childish behavior of people tonight.

When Siddhartha leaves the city, and when he meets up once again with Govinda, he refers to those he left behind as “the child people”.

The child people, in this case, were those who pursued money, lust, material things, power and position. The city was full of them. 


Siddhartha, having succeeded in playing their game, and having done so better than most, walked away from the child people and the city empty handed and completely unfulfilled despite his perceived success there. He then willingly stepped into a life of nothing.

On my bike, alone with my thoughts in the dark, cold air, and drawn deep into my rhythm as my breath matched the strides of my legs in equal portion, and as I look around at the cars, the well-lit homes, and the scurrying of those about me, I realized I am surrounded by the child people. Notwithstanding, all of those child people on social media.

Born into this world, with no say in the ZIP Code in which I landed, I have seldom felt at home here.  Little desire have I, for all the things which the child people pursue each day, and even less of an appetite do I have for the manner in which those things are pursued. 

Perhaps this daily ride — this rolling meditation, is best way to escape from the ZIP Code in my head, even if I can’t leave the ZIP Code in which I live. 

This is what I think about when I ride…

Tonight’s Ride…

Bike: Bomer The Kreeps

24 miles

1,100’ climbing

16.8 mph avg

1,600 calories

Tonight’s earworm: Yonder, by Donna The Buffalo

Whether you ride a bike or not, thank you for taking the time to ride along with me this week. If you haven’t already, please scroll up and subscribe. Oh, and there is this from Donna The Buffalo. Enjoy…!

4 thoughts on “The Child People…

  1. I’ve done plenty of running in the darkness, but can’t say I prefer it to the light. My thoughts recently have been to the huge vehicular accident we just had near our city that made all the national news due to the carnage. They have worked on the cleanup for over 24 hours now and the highway is still partially blocked.
    I’m really hoping that road rage does not turn out to be the cause.

    As for the child people. This insane rude conflict between those who identify as liberal and conservative online has blended to where you can’t tell who is who anymore. I don’t care who twisted who, but all involved should concentrate on untwisting their hate.

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    1. I hadn’t seen anything about that accident, but have been largely disconnected from the news in recent weeks.

      As far as the child people go, i don’t exclude myself from the mix. I take pride that I strive to minimize my participation…


  2. Thought provoking, I’ve limited my connection to social media. Flipping the switch occasionally to get caught up on friends and family. Many makes me SMH and entertain me like a bad reality show. All things in moderation. I have a wealthy relative who has challenged me to leave my zip code for a better living. I told him my life style and quality of life is not All about the Money. I’ve been there done that in the Corporate world. Since then I’ve worked 20 Jobs from Sales Business Development, Cleaning Toilets, Delivering Pizza’s, Picking up Trash,to Car Wash Greeter. I love my choice to work with people I like,doing work I enjoy. Minus Child People. Ain’t got time for that.

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    1. Love you, Man. I appreciate that your family comes before temptation.

      I know I’ve been distant in recent months, and for obvious reasons, but this comment and you taking time read my stuff means so much!


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