I hate the wind. I hate it with all the hate you can possibly hate something with. If it’s possible to hate the wind with more hate than that, then that’s how much I hate the wind.

Rough ride today, but I got it done. It was windy.

Cortez The Killer

Was thinking about character today…

I am a better person for the Trump presidency. At least, I hope so.

If I’ve learned anything over the last couple years, beyond the fact that nothing, and I mean NOTHING tangible is ever produced from the tiresome disagreements over policy, process, and politics which take place on social media, it’s that I’ve learned to lean in a little bit more with each new day, reach a little bit further, and work a little bit harder to be the best possible me.

Character matters.

In determining weakness and flaws in others, I ask myself if I suffer in the same areas. Quite often, I do.

Fresh rain on a blade of grass. I named it, Veronica…

The last two years have helped illuminate weaknesses in me I had not previously seen or not wanted to acknowledge — character flaws and shortcomings which I don’t want to be associated with. Seeing these, not just in the president, but in the many people who argue against or in favor of his policies, his demeanor, and his process, has led me to take a closer look at myself.

If nothing else, I’ve always tried to correct my weaknesses once I’ve identified them. Hint: I haven’t always been successful at this, but I always try.

I am a different person today than I was two years ago, and I have the president to thank for that. I should also thank many other people — the screaming children in my proximity for their hollering, angst, and reactive behaviors that have helped me see those in myself.

First Oro Blanco of the season. Backyard candy…

In how I speak to people, how I listen to people, and even in how I look at people today, I do so more from the heart than I did two years ago. At least I try to. In matters of empathy, sympathy, and in trying to understand, I believe I have improved. In how I carry myself in general, I think I have improved.

Two years into this presidency, I have discovered flaws in me that are easily correctable today, and I’ve learned much more about the person I don’t want to be tomorrow.

When somebody brings to me tangible proof that their hate speech, vitriol, screaming or finger-pointing to the other side has produced something positive in this world, I will be contrite and walk back my comments about these arguments being meaningless, wasted, and outright corrosive.

Bella. High tide Sunday morning…

Until then, I’ll stand quietly in the forest, between the screaming trees as they are whipped by the the warm winds that they generate themselves from blowing so hard yet so futilely. I’ll stand tall and unafraid, my roots to sink a little bit deeper each day so that I can grow further in the directions I’m supposed to grow.

Character matters.

And let’s be clear here, that anyone arguing against my stance is arguing against character. And the men who hold high places…

This is what I think about when I ride… Jhciacb

Today’s Ride…

Bike: Cortez The Killer
24.5 miles
1,100’ climbing
16.2 mph avg
1,600 calories
Today’s earworm: Make Out Alright, by Divinyls

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3 thoughts on “Character Matters…

  1. Interesting perspective. In evolution, there is so much said about the fit survivors, with nary a credit given to the unfit whose substance contributed to the survival of the fittest.

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