Great ride today. Got out early due to some cancellations, and spring is definitely springing here in SoCal. The picture shown is not the bike I started out on today. More on that later.

Beyond trying to save the problems of the world, clear my head, or just take inventory of the beauty which surrounds me, at least part of my time riding each day is spent thinking about bike maintenance.


It doesn’t take long before I start noticing adjustments that I need to make on whichever bike I’m on; brake adjustments, derailleur adjustments, handlebar adjustments, spokes and so on.

Though there is a tremendous upside to owning multiple bikes, the downside is that there is more maintenance involved to keep them all running smooth and to have them available.

When I notice a component which requires adjusting, I make a mental note of it, repeat it to myself several times so I don’t forget, and as soon as I return home, I write it down.

I am certain I never hit 77.9 mph today.  Certain…

On occasion though, I might have to turn back after a mile or two if something isn’t adjusted properly and if I don’t have the proper tool to fix it on the road.

Today I never left the driveway.

I had just installed aero-bars on yet another bike — one of my gravel bikes. Although gravel bikes don’t ordinarily get fitted with aero-bars, in this case I ride to the gravel, and that ride often takes me into a 15-knot headwind from the sea.  Aero-bars, I have recently come to learn, are the single best defense a rider can have against the wind.

I’ll be honest, I’m the king of over-torquing bolts. So, when I mounted my bike this morning, and put my left hand on the aero-bar, I wasn’t too surprised when one of the bolts snapped instantly.

L’il fella rode on my shoulder for nearly 3-miles today, until I released him back into the wild…

Without missing a beat, I took the bike inside, put it on my work-stand, and traded it out for a road bike which was prepped and ready to go.

A change of bikes would mean a change of routes, but I would figure that out on the fly.


It was a great ride, but for 23-miles all I could think about was how my going to get that broken bolt out…?   Truth is, I still don’t know, but I’ve got other bikes to ride in the meantime.

This is what I think about my ride…. Jhciacb

Today’s Ride…

Bike: Bella
23 miles
1,300’ climbing
16.3 mph avg
1,500 calories
Today’s earworm: Bounty Hunter, by Molly Harchet

Whether you ride a bike or not, thank you for taking the time to ride along with me today. If you haven’t already, please scroll up and subscribe. If you like what you read, give it a like and a share. If not, just keep scrollin’. Oh, and there is this from Molly Hatchet. Enjoy…!

11 thoughts on “The Road List…

  1. 🙂
    Bolts. The bane of my existence. Usually my fault when I love them to death.
    But screws are the worst. I usually cross thread them. Usually because I can’t see what I am doing. Usually this happens when I am not at the correct height. And this always happens when I am too lazy to go get a ladder.
    The other day John was trying to screw something in. Hands above his head. I offered to get him a step stool. Nah. Are you sure? I’m fine. Well here you go anyway. Oh…that’s better. It’s easier when I can see what I am doing and can apply pressure.
    Welcome to my world, John. Bring a ladder.

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    1. Words cannot express how much I appreciate you taking time to read these Judy, and letting me know that I guess I’m partially human after all…

      Thank you!

      For me, I knew better when I was turning it in, but I just had to give it that extra little Umph. Yeah, good call Mr Moron 😬


  2. Nice recovery way to adjust. Leads me to share: I’m helping a gal put together/build a shed she bought from Costco. After double triple counting,measuring out the provided boards of various lengths,widths. Of course the manufacturer shorted us literally of 4 lengths and sizes. Due to the way they package and ship, they’re QC missed the 4 needed the build the walls.
    Home Depot was my other bike for the broken bolt lack of boards. Thank you for this Road List story which I can relate to.
    That would be a yikes in a spike of Speed hitting 77.9 mph. I look forward to more adventures of Cycle Rama!

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    1. N+1…..! 😉

      First, thank you for taking the time, Kelly! I’m truly humbled and appreciative.

      I plan on buying a TT bike before summer, and I have already begun looking. I don’t anticipate doing any triathlons, but there’s a couple of duathlons that I might be interested in. That said, I just want to bike goes really fast too. I love the geometry of them, especially that almost upright seat tube.

      I’m certain though, even with the fastest bike, I couldn’t keep up with you, though I’d love to ride sometime…



  3. Molly Hatchet not Molly Harchet Did you hear my mom and I say Hi to you today??!!

    On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 1:41 PM The Spoke And Word™ wrote:

    > Jhciacb posted: “Great ride today. Got out early due to some > cancellations, and spring is definitely springing here in SoCal. The > picture shown is not the bike I started out on today. More on that later. > Beyond trying to save the problems of the world, clear my head, or ” >

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  4. Thanks for sharing your journey. I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding bikes in general. I want to purchase a bike in the near future that isn’t a stationary bike. But, until the Spring comes around, I’ll be putting on the miles on my new baby Schwinn. I learned something new: Aero-Bars. What an interesting gadget! I enjoy seeing the miles and such. It’s motivating.

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