Today’s entry is supplemental. I’ll be back tomorrow with my blog of the week. As always, thanks for tuning in… rc

Headed south yesterday, to the Deer Park Winery in North Escondido. The skies where amazing so I figured I could take some good pictures. The place was locked up tight as a drum though. I couldn’t access the vineyard nor the old car museum. Still, it was fun getting there. Old Highway 395 is like California’s version of Route 66 — except we also get Route 66.

I was thinking about logic versus conspiracy theories as I pedaled down that historic road. I need to quit looking at Facebook at least 30-minutes before I ride.


I don’t know where to begin when it comes to people who think they have the answers — or more specifically, those who think they know more than the leaders establishing policy and creating protocols and boundaries during a global crisis.

Simply put, most global heads of state, most provincial governors, most mayors, and most corporate CEOs are onboard with social distancing and other protocols which are being suggested by the scientific and medical communities. There are some outliers, but a great majority of these leaders believe that what we are doing is not only correct, but see clear evidence that it’s working.

A quick memo to all the conspiracy theorists out there…

The leaders making these decisions are better informed than you, they have access to more and better information than you, and they are being advised by some of the brightest and best minds in science and medicine. Like with heads of state, there will be some outliers in the medical and scientific communities, but a great majority of these educated professionals are in support of these inconvenient, but necessary protocols and boundaries we must adhere to.


If you think Dr. Phil is a better resource than the dozens of doctors and scientists advising governors Cuomo, Newsom, and the others, I want you to wear a tinfoil hat with a Play-Doh logo on it so I know who you are.

And if you’re one of those special conspiracy theorists who also thinks the media is corrupt and should be silenced, please consider this…

There is no such thing as ‘the media’ as a collective, any more than there’s such a thing as the ‘founding fathers’. Media is term which applies to many institutions involved in a variety of work. Media institutions, like corporations, schools, and even churches, can be corrupted and can have bad players pervert them. By and large though, we accept those other institutions as being valid and necessary, though we may have difficulty with their occasional perversions and corruptions. The media is no different.

More or to the point though, and please consider this carefully, if it weren’t for the media, tens of thousands — possibly hundreds of thousands more people would be dead right now, including people you love and possibly somebody sitting next to you at this moment.

As much as anyone, I attempt to see both sides of an argument and to always consider I might be wrong. However, when I ask myself if the leaders at all levels of government are conspiring with the leaders in the medical and scientific communities so that they can take away people’s guns, shut down their churches, and have more access to their data, it seems unlikely.

You may not like what’s going on right now, I know don’t. I want to work, I want to go to the beach, and I want to take my mom to lunch. But this is real — virtually every person on the planet has a stake in this. Your conspiracy theorist peer groups and perverted sources are not smarter nor better informed than the experts advising heads of state, governors, mayors, and CEOs.

Please bite your tongue, please. Voicing your opinion is certainly your right. However, sharing those opinions and spreading falsehoods at this critical time is outright dangerous.

Close memo.

This is what I think about when I ride, so I would much rather think about anything else… Jhciacb

Yesterday’s Ride…

Bike: Eleventeen Cupcake
28 miles
1,400’ climbing
15.5 mph avg
1,600 calories
Yesterday’s earworm: Earth’s Gonna Shake, by Hellsingland Underground

6 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorist Dearest…

  1. When I look at my personal observations at various levels from small groups to running a department, a medical center and a university, let alone a state and a country, the larger the group the more serious screw-ups I have witnessed by those “experts” in charge. This worries me to no end. Fortunately, there is wonderful access to information now, something that was rare in days past. We can use this information to make better decisions, if only we can get by our bias and subjective thinking.

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    1. I see where you’re coming from and I value your opinion, truly. I’ll use the example of airline CEOs though, they have access to great advisers and great information, andand they would be screaming and yelling louder than anyone if this weren’t necessary.

      Consequences for the risk/reward ratio here haven’t been greater in modern history.

      I put my trust in the most informed people to make the best possible decisions. Of course my loan exception to that is the President of the United States, but I’m grateful to live in California, and San Diego in particular, where the leadership here has been exceptional.

      Forgive me, but I dare say the many doctors and scientists that are advising governors Cuomo and Newsom, have more information and are able to discern it better than an individual sitting in front of a computer. And I’ll leave it at that…

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      1. The good news is both you and me share the same important goal, to get through this pandemic and return to as normal a life as we had been blessed with before it all began. Love you, Brother!

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  2. First appreciation of Media to me as a kid was listening to the Radio,and working a summer job in Germany for The Stars ans Strips Newspaper. Even today,with what little reading I do, I do like to hold a Fish Wrap in my hands every now and then. The smell of the ink,brings back memories, The print media. I remember my old man saying ” Do you believe everything you read.” You don’t do yah? I said well yeah it’s a reputable source isn’t it. He laughed hysterically, and said Well consider the source, and do they have their shit straight,do they have the facts !!
    Aye yai yai I get overwhelmed with today’e Electronic Media. I’ve shut down Social Media at times for months,and control other sources. I too run parallel to you guys, And look forward to this COVID-19 crisis to calm the F down, Because when we do get bak up and running,unfortunately it won’t be Business As Usual,we’ll be in Business, However the Practice and Process in which will have added steps,procedures for a Safer existence.

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