I conducted my first one-on-one fitness session in nearly 2 months yesterday. Practicing the safest protocols, I’ll be doing one session per day this week, and 2 to 3 per day next week. I’m putting my toes back in the water slowly.

It may sound hyperbolic to suggest that a one-hour workday stressed me to the point of emotional exhaustion, but it did. I couldn’t get on my bike fast enough when it was through. How I conduct business, I learned during those 60-minutes, will be very different going forward. The session was awkward, both logistically and in conversation, but successful. I hope they’ll get easier over time.


There will be ongoing conflicts in my head about what I could’ve done better, will anyone become impacted should I get lax or reckless with my cleaning responsibilities, and should I even be doing this as career anymore. I took one of my faster bikes yesterday, but I couldn’t outride any of those conflicts as they played out in my head.

In truth, a workday consisting of a single one-hour session wasn’t putting my toes slowly back into the water. It was more like surfing in an area known to have sharks, but also knowing very few surfers get killed by sharks. That would be a perfect metaphor had a California surfer not been killed by a shark two days ago. Or maybe it’s the perfect metaphor because of that.

Going back to work, for many people in varying fields, is going to feel like they’re swimming with sharks maybe, but also maybe not. Like me, none want to get bit — some will though, that’s certain.

To paraphrase the only shark movie that matters: I’m gonna need a bigger bike…

This is what I think about when I ride… Jhciacb

Yesterday’s Ride…

Bike: Bomer The Kreeps
28 miles
1,400’ climbing
15.5 mph avg
1,600 calories
Yesterday’s earworm: The Pusher, by Steppenwolf

4 thoughts on “Toes In The Water..

  1. Well said! A client asked today when I might go back to the office and I said not until we can both be safe and that is not possible in the large office building I work in at this time. Too many sharks in and close to the area😉

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    1. I totally get it. I’m very lucky here because I’ve been fairly isolated and the clients that are coming back are retired and have been extremely isolated. Keeping it safe, keeping it clean, and keeping it distant. It’s not how things have worked here before, but as the saying goes, this is the new normal.


  2. It will not be business as usual for many. Process flow will be conducted with guidelines. How businesses implement those processes remains to be seen.I flash back to my years in medical device manufacturing in a Controlled Environment Room. I can see businesses having their own C.E.R. policies and procedures in place to provide a safe,healthy service and product no matter what the market exchange is. For many small business operators I just hope Mr. Government does not get involved to mandate/regulate and bend people over.Take Take Take $$$

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