In a few weeks, it’ll be the 3rd anniversary of his blog. It began with a simple notion — that I have a love of cycling, smartphone photography, and writing. Since I practice each of those daily, it appealed to me to combine the three in a creative outlet.

The idea was that after each ride, I’d jot down a few thoughts I chewed on while riding, combine them with a picture or two I took along the road, and post it the following morning to the Spoke And Word page I created on Facebook. What actually happened though, is that each night for three years I’ve written a complete essay instead of a few passing thoughts. And for people who aren’t on Facebook, I created this platform so on Sundays I can select my favorite essay from the previous week and share it.

I often tell people that I write these in 20-minutes or less. That was true once, and still is occasionally, but usually these days I spend an hour or so working on them, reworking them, and getting them to flow and fit properly. Sometimes I do this before bed, but most often before the sun comes up — before my day job.

There’s also the time I spend cropping and editing photographs. I don’t edit pictures a great deal. I crop them according to proportion and symmetry, and I might adjust the light and contrast a little bit, but I rarely adjust the color or tint. That said, it still takes a few minutes to complete each photograph. 

Between writing and editing photographs, I probably spend 75 to 90 minutes on this each day. That, combined with roughly 2-hours on my bike, and that’s 3+ hours dedicated to this creative hobby — every single day. It can all be a little exhausting, considering I work full-time and am also a full-time caregiver.

The initial goal was to do this for one year. 

I had so much fun with it, and with my creative juices flowing, I continued into a second year. The second year came and went, and I noticed I had an extremely small but dedicated following. The whole thing started to become my identity. I’ve never had an identity before, other than being the eccentric old guy in the neighborhood that kids are told to avoid. I’ve enjoyed having this identity, even if I’m the only one that sees it. 

As I wind down my third year, catering to and preserving that identity has caused me to press a little more. I feel I have to get my rides in each day. I have to get a few good photographs each day. I have to think of something at least a little interesting or clever to write about. There’s almost a sense of obligation to that identity. 

The thought of beginning a fourth year next month is a little intimidating. I have this thing in me though, that if I start something, I have to see it through. If I go even one day into a fourth year, then I’ll need to complete it. I worry that all that pressing might actually be changing that identity — diluting it, weakening it, or causing it to veer off course. I dunno 🤷🏼‍♂️.

Riding, writing, and taking photographs — an identity I enjoy, but one I don’t want to do out of obligation or have come off the rails. Lots to think about in the coming weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

This is what I think about when it ride… Jhciacb

This week by the numbers…

Bikes Ridden: 6

Miles: 154

Climbing: 6,700’

Mph Avg: 16.0

Calories: 8,900

Seat Time: 09 hours 42 minutes

Whether you ride a bike or not, thank you for taking the time to ride along with me today. If you haven’t already, please scroll up and subscribe. If you like what you read, give it a like and a share. If not, just keep scrollin’. Oh, and there’s this from Spooky Tooth. Enjoy…

19 thoughts on “Identity Crisis…

    1. Yeah, between my emergefit and contemplative fitness blogs, I think I began in 2002. It may just mean I start something new or go in a different direction. Perhaps a blog about Fallbrook’s many Mexican restaurants. That’ll keep me busy for a while…


      1. I did a Mexican restaurant review some years back. Made it to 22 of the 25 places around Fallbrook at the time. Then mi stomacho dice “no mas.”

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      2. You can divide up Fallbrook in a variety of ways but one of the first questions I always ask is, Estrellas or Rosas? Then Major or Albertsons. Kind of get a good idea of who I am dealing with.

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  1. You have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. I certainly get being obsessed with something or someone, lol If directed well, it can be wonderful. If not, devastating. Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is forgetting something every day. Not my words but wise none the less.

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    1. Thank you, Carole! That time of day I’m usually looking for you, and have seen you on occasion, but it’s best that I look down and ahead.

      Thank you for taking the time!


    1. And I’ll say it every time, Cliff, I appreciate having this connection all these years later. So help me God, I’m going to write about black Satan someday — just not sure how to approach it, yet.

      Thank you so much!


  2. You have an affinity to your craft. Stay true to who you are with your talented characteristics you put into essay form. I appreciate your work and truly admire the balance of work and family,especially caring for your mother.
    I look forward to reading and seeing your composition essays, keep on doing what moves your heart and soul.

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