Unfortunately I haven’t spent too much time on bikes this summer — not as much as I would’ve liked to. On the flipside, I’ve traveled more this summer than in the last 10-years combined.

Just closing out a 3000-mile road trip from San Diego to Mystic Connecticut. Going to do the same trip in reverse in about five weeks, and then hunker down hard to work through the winter — and to ride my ass off. 

No bicycle pictures this week, but here are some nuggets from the road this past week. All photos taken with an iPhone 11, no color adjustments, with only small light and contrast adjustments. In the comments, please let me know your favorites and why, and I’ll let you know where it was taken.

This is what I think about when I don’t ride… Jhciacb 

10 thoughts on “Four Wheels, Not Two…

    1. Well, some of it is filler, but I appreciate it. The nugget for me, is the old black and white structure on the pier. Mystic Connecticut nautical museum…


    1. It was somewhere north of Phoenix, headed towards Flagstaff. An abandoned truckstop that has seen better days. The buildings were pretty cool too — that’s also where the framed window was taken.


  1. The evening photo, 20th one down because it’s evocative—makes me feel moody. Also, the gas pump in Phoenix because it’s kind of Mad Max-ish

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    1. I love that one too, I wish I could’ve gotten closer, but then the barb wire wouldn’t have framed it. And of course, I had to Google Abbath 🤦🏼‍♂️


      1. I love that one too. The irony, having driven through Texas and Oklahoma along the way, that picture was taken just outside of Philadelphia in Fort Washington Pennsylvania.


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